Building Pathways to Sustainable Self-Employment

RIFT Social Enterprise was established in 2018 as a not-for-profit organisation with charitable objectives.

We are award-winning, specialist providers of self-employment and business start-up support across a number of diverse contracts and our unique delivery model means that we are not restricted to face to face delivery or geographical boundaries.

RIFT Social Enterprise is different to other business start-up organisations in that we:

-  Have adopted a pre-referral screening tool for referrers to use, which ensures that participants that are referred to us are most likely to get the full benefit of our   support

-  Allocate every participant to their own dedicated Business Start-Up Advisor for a year, who provides tailored support based on their particular business start-up goals. This support is enhanced via access to our e-learning platform of resources, a bank of business start-up mentors who can support with specific projects, a host of partner agencies and automatic access to RIFT's tax specialist who can support with the complexities of HMRC regulations and who also supports with the completion of the participant's first Self-Assessment tax return, free of charge

-  Are not restricted by only offering face to face consultations; the majority of our support is remote (Teams, Zoom, FaceTime, telephone call, email etc) meaning that we can be flexible with our contact - we don't require the participant to be in a certain office at a certain time; we will adapt our support around the individual needs and commitments of the participant


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